3 Choices Of Cloud Models To Choose From For An Expanding Business

For many companies, business is booming and this growth has to be sustained with a good IT infrastructure. There are several different models of cloud computing, which can be good for different businesses and needs. This can include personal, private and hybrid cloud models. Each of these have different features and advantages. Here are some of the cloud models that you may want to choose for your business needs:

1. Public Cloud Models: The Apps You Already Use

Public cloud is the first type of cloud model that you may come across. This is the model that runs services such as, email, online storage and web applications. It is something that anyone can take advantage of. If you are a professional, you may use public clouds for things like storing files or to test applications and code if you are a programmer. Businesses may use the public cloud models for things like email, applications and web development.

2. Private Cloud Models: More Security And Reliability

The data in the public cloud may not be as secure as you want for a business. For more security for your data, a private cloud can be deployed. This model is one that requires a significant investment in hardware for the infrastructure. The advantage is that you will be able to control the data, software and other features with a private cloud. If you have a business where keeping information secure is essential, you may want to have at least some private cloud infrastructure for your business.

3. Hybrid Cloud Models: The Best Of All Cloud Technology

There may be different aspects and security needs of your business, which public and private models have individual advantages. For savings on your infrastructure costs, public cloud services can be great for some of the less security sensitive needs of your business, such as simple web applications and communications. For more sensitive needs, you may want to have a private cloud for things like business applications and data bases that store sensitive information. To get the best of both, a hybrid cloud model that uses both of these models will be the best choice.

These are some of the basic cloud computing models that you may want to consider for your business needs. If you are ready to integrate cloud technologies into your business, contact a cloud service provider like DATAWORKS LLC and talk with them about the solutions that will be right for your business.