Worried About Someone Stealing Your Network Files? Use Insider Threat Detection Software

There are many threats that can attack a network coming from outside, such as viruses, spyware, Internet pirates, and cyber thieves. You may not be aware, however, that there are also threats that can come from inside your company. For example, you may have a disgruntled employee and not even know it. Because of this, they may get into your system and steal important files to try to get back at you. If you are worried about anyone even in the least little bit stealing your data, you should install some threat detection software to protect your network and keep your files safe. Below is some information on how an inside employee can steal your files, and how inside threat detection software can help your company.

How An Inside Employee Can Steal Your Files

It is much harder to detect internal crime because the employee likely has access to many computer files through their login, including codes and passwords. This employee can easily use their login permissions to get into your network after you close your company for the day. Once they gain access, it is much like they have taken your network home with them and have every file at their disposal. Check the permissions for each employee in your company to be sure they do not have access to something they should not.

The employee may also be able to figure out certain passwords. It doesn't take long for someone to figure out a 6-digit password if they know what they are doing. Because of this, make sure you use passwords that are much longer. Capitalize some of the letters and use symbols and numbers.

The employee may also use another employee's login credentials, or try to come through your network by creating a backdoor.

How Inside Threat Detection Software Can Help Your Company

Inside threat detection software continuously records the screen of every computer that has this software installed. It records how long each employee spends using their computer and how long it takes them to complete tasks they are given. If you give an employee a task that should take them at the maximum of 30 minutes to complete and it takes them much longer than this, this is a huge red flag. When the software detects this, it will alert you so you can look into it further. The software also records where and when your employees log into your network noting the location, time, and date. You will be alerted if someone downloads something they are not supposed to or sends an electronic fax.

There is behavior you can watch for in your employees that will give you a hint that someone is trying to steal data from your network.

Talk with a computer services company about installing this software on your network. For threat detection software, contact a company such as Stealthbits.