The Security Benefits of Server Colocation

Server colocation was once a common alternative to the purchasing of dedicated servers or virtual private servers. By placing your own server within a data center, you can retain more control over both your hardware and your software. But this isn't just a matter of control—it's also a matter of security. Colocating a server is often the safest possible method of security.

You Have Complete Control Over Your Software

Dedicated and managed services come with software preinstalled, some of which could have potential security gaps or exploits. When you colocate a server, you have absolute control over the software that is installed. You can pare down your software to only the essentials in order to remove potential vulnerabilities. You can also install additional security suites to monitor your system and its traffic.

You Have the Only Access to Your System

Many managed services are able to perform troubleshooting on their systems because they are granted administrative rights and privileges to those systems. When that happens, your security becomes only as good as their security—and that depends on whether employees have been trained properly. With a colocated server, no one else can touch your system. You'll have complete control over access.

You Have Your Own Backups for Your Data

When you colocate your own server, you take full responsibility for the data that is on it. You perform your own backups and ensure that those backups are validated. A managed server will usually be backed up by the managed host provider. Though this can be helpful in the event of data loss, it puts your data in the hands of the service provider themselves. These backups could potentially end up anywhere.

You Have Ownership Over Your Technology

Though a dedicated or managed server may be functionally similar to a colocated server, there is one big difference: dedicated or managed servers are generally leased. This means that the system itself can be decommissioned, swapped out, or otherwise manipulated by the managed hosting provider. With a colocated server, you own the actual technology that you are using; nothing can be done to alter the system or duplicate its contents.

Despite the clear benefits of server colocation, there are still some times when a dedicated or managed server may be best. Colocated servers are generally preferred for highly unique, resource-intensive, or private systems; for the average setup, a managed server is often sufficient. 

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