Tips For Saving Money On Printer Toner And Ink

Are you trying to save on toner and ink cartridges for your printer now that you are doing a lot of printing at home? If so, it helps to know some tips that will let you save that precious toner and ink, use the cartridges for as long as possible, and save money on the cartridges themselves. 

Change The Print Quality

You likely did not go into the settings of the printer when you first got it, which means that everything is still at the default settings from the manufacturer. You may not realize that there are different print quality settings that use more ink for better quality printing, and those are on by default. Look into the quality settings option to see if there are options to print in a lower quality. For example, there are usually options for draft quality or economy mode, which will not produce images that are as vibrant in color, but are often good enough to get the job done. 

Make Black And White The Default

It is a good idea to set your printer settings to use black and white as the default color mode. Since color ink is more expensive, you'll avoid wasting ink when printing things like web pages that have full color banner ads or decorative elements that appear on the page. You can always switch the quality to color if you need to print something out that is in full color. 

Buy High Yield Cartridges

It is common to find that buying things in bulk allows you to save money over time. This is also true with ink and toner cartridges, which often have a high yield option that has more ink or toner in it. While these cartridges will cost more money up front, you'll discover that you save a lot more money over time since they contain much more ink than a standard size cartridge.

Buy Off Brand Toner and Ink

The best way to save money is to avoid buying toner and ink that is made directly from the printer manufacturer. You'll find that buying the name brand ink when the store brand is identical and can be found right next to it on the shelf is much more expensive. Do some research and find out what generic ink cartridges are compatible with your printer, and buy those the next time that your printer runs out of ink.

If you're looking to save money on printer toner and ink, try some of these tips and talk to office supply services near you.