Why Pick Cable TV Over Your Satellite TV Options

Do you want to get a television for your home, but you've been deciding between your local cable TV provider and satellite TV? Here are some reasons why cable TV can be the better choice.

You'll Get All Your Local Channels With Cable

One of the nice things about going through your local cable TV provider is that they are local, which means that they are going to carry more local channels that you actually care about. While you are likely going to get the main affiliate stations with satellite TV, there are a lot of local channels that they will never carry. This includes things like your local public access or community station, or other local channels that are not ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, or PBS. If these smaller channels are important to you, then you'll need to go with the local cable TV service.

You'll Not Need A Satellite Dish With Cable

One of the problems with getting satellite TV is that you need to install a dish that points in the proper direction in order to get the service. While this may not seem like a big deal if you own a home, it can be a logistical nightmare in other situations. For example, a landlord may not want you to install a satellite dish on a home that you are renting or you may live in an apartment that faces the opposite direction from what you need to get service. Even if you do live in a unit facing the right way, you may still be required to mount the satellite dish in a bucket that needs to never move on your balcony in order to receive the signal due to not being allowed to install a satellite dish.

Cable TV is easy to install since it is just a matter of running a cable into your home from a local utility pool. For apartments, many of them are pre-wired from your local cable company so all you need to do is activate the service. 

You'll Not Experience Signal Fade With Cable

A common problem that you will experience with satellite TV is signal fade. While the problem has improved over the years, satellite TV is known to lose signal if it is raining outside. This means that during a huge storm, when you likely want to be tuned in to your local news station for updates, there will likely be a time where you cannot watch TV. This issue simply does not exist with cable, since the digital signal is always connected.

For more information, contact a local cable TV provider.